Regular Classes

We have our regular (non-beginner) classes every Monday and Thursday at 8:00 pm 
at our NEW location at Top Tier Crossfit in Columbia. 

We ask that you show up 15 minutes prior so that class can start on time. 

Mondays: After the Basics - working on improving our understanding of the sources and the theories within them.
Thursdays: Technical Expansion - working on putting the techniques into use via sparring and faster drills. 

We are currently going over the Pseudo Von Danzig manual

Dues are $50 per person per month or $10 a class.

New to HEMA and Maryland KdF? You are invited to come and watch any of our regularly
scheduled classes to get a feel for the martial art.

If you are new to HEMA, you must take a beginner's class


Our Instructors

Head Instructor

Travis Mayott has had a lifelong interest in all things both martial and historical Europe. Initially, he found his sword fix in sport fencing, but started finding the sport lacking after being exposed to a number of medieval and renaissance swordsmanship manuals. He started his HEMA experience at the hands of Jake Norwood at Longpoint 2014 and went on to train under Ben Jarashow, Kiana Shurkin, and Jess Rozek at Maryland KdF, where he is now serving as the head instructor. He also is a practitioner of traditional English warbow archery.

1st place, Longpoint 2017 - Longpoint Historical Fencing League
2nd place, DC HEMA Open 2017 - Team Event (Longsword, Sword and Buckler, and Rapier)
1st place, Shortpoint 2016
1st place, Broken Plow 2016
1st place, DC HEMA Open 2016 - Rapier
3rd place, DC HEMA Open 2016 - Open Longsword
4th place, DC HEMA Open 2016 - Cutting
1st place, Longpoint 2015 -Rookie Longsword

Beginner's Class Lead Instructor/Instructor

Jess Rozek first was interested in becoming a knight due to a Tamora Pierce novel and Highlander. From there, it was history. A long interest in swordsmanship and history led to looking into Olympic fencing, SCA, and aikido without really finding what she wanted to do. In 2011, she helped found the Grunberg Freifechter (MFFG-VT) group in Burlington, Vermont where she started learning Joachim Meyer as a new fencer. The following year, she placed 4th in the Longpoint women's longsword tournament. She moved to Maryland in 2013 and started studying at Maryland Kunst des Fechtens. She, like Travis, is also a practitioner of traditionalarchery. Currently, she serves as lead instructor to the beginner's class, treasurer, and webmaster at MKdF. 

3rd Place, SERFO 2016 - Women's Longsword
2nd Place, SERFO 2015 - Women's Longsword
3rd Place, IGX 2014 - Women's Mixed, Rapier 
2nd Place, IGX 2014 - Women's Mixed, Longsword
4th Place, Longpoint 2014 - Women's Longsword 
2nd Place, IGX 2013 - Women's Longsword 
4th Place, Longpoint 2012 - Women's Longsword

Ben Jarashow has been doing swords and sword-related activities forever. We're pretty sure he's immortal...

He also serves as the club's President/Moderator. 

3rd Place, DC HEMA Open - Open Longsword

Stuart Lacy currently serves as an assistant instructor to the beginner's class, the quartermaster, and the club's safety officer. 

2nd place, DC HEMA Open 2017 - Team Event (Longsword, Sword and Buckler, and Rapier)

Intermediate Class Lead Instructor/Instructor

Brian Brunsman currently runs the Intermediate class (along with Nicholas Schneider), serves as the Assistant Secretary, and is one of our overall instructors. 

Intermediate Class Lead Instructor/Instructor

Nicholas Schneider currently runs the Intermediate class (along with Brian Brunsman) and is always more than happy to spar. 

All instructor photo credit goes to Archie Brown.  Email him at