Dagger Study Group

The Maryland KDF dagger group studies the use of the rondel dagger, focusing on the early German tradition.
Working primarily from Codex Wallerstein, we aim to interpret the source material and practice its use within a historical context.

We study armed and unarmed defenses against the rondel, mixed weapons scenarios involving the dagger, the rondel as an off-hand weapon,
and basic grappling. Other source material includes the works of Andre Liegniczer, Hans Talhoffer, Paulus Hector Mair, and Joachim Meyer.

If you would like to join, you must have completed the Maryland KdF Beginner's Longsword Class
Once you have done that, please find us on Facebook at Maryland KdF Dagger Study Buddies or contact us with the form down below.


At minimum, participants should bring a fencing mask and light gloves. If you have a rondel dagger trainer, please bring that as well. 

Dagger trainers can be bought at Purpleheart Armory

Study Group Leader

Morgan Bridi

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