Napoleonic and Victorian Saber Study Group

The Maryland KDF saber group studies the use of the military saber, pulling from mostly French and English traditions.

“He learns to present himself. To salute and to walk with grace. He gives a noble port, he inspires the desire to acquire glory,
and since the glory can not walk without honor, nor honor without virtue, this part of education seems to dye all that we propose.
When we work to train.” -M.J. St. Martin

Part One of this group focuses on the theory and development of the French cavalry and dueling saber working from
the journals and manuals of M.J. Saint Martin, Alexandre Muller, Fortuné de Brack, and F.C. Christmann.

Part Two focuses on grasping a cross cultural understanding of how different styles influenced and affected saber fighting across Europe,
digging into other styles, such as English and German, to allow people to choose what works best for them,
and using what we learn to make us better fighters and more knowledgeable swordsmen.

The goal of this group is not just learning to fight intournaments, but also to explore many of the weapons and
dangers of the Napoleonic and Victorian battlefield.

This study group's schedule is Thursday nights at our normal time and space. 

If you would like to join, you must have completed the Maryland KdF Beginner's Longsword Class
Once you have done that, please find us on Facebook at MKdF Sabre Study Group or contact us with the form down below.

There will also be a special introductory course run periodically, throughout the year, that breaks down the system for people new to French saber.


 At minimum, participants should bring a fencing mask, gloves, and a fencing jacket.
If you have a saber, please bring that as well.  Loaner gear is limited, though synthetics and singlesticks will work in a pinch.

For a saber of your own, reputable manufacturers include Foxtail, Kventun, Castille, and Regenyei.
Others will need to be inspected before contact drilling is allowed.

Study Group Leader

Mike Gilding

Contact Us for Saber