Historic Archery Study Group

This study group is not currently meeting in any formal way. If you want it to, bother Jess

We are pleased to announce the creation of a study group not often seen in HEMA circles. 

The Maryland KDF archery group studies traditional archery from across the ages, pulling from manuals spanning Europe.
Working primarily from Roger Ascham's Toxophilus (1545), we aim to interpret the source material and practice its use within a historical context. 

Other source materials include Saracen Archery: An English Version and Exposition of a Mamluke Work
on Archery (ca. AD 1368) 
by J.D. Latham, The Art of Archerie (1634) by Gervase Markham, and 
The Art of Shooting with the Long Bow (1824) by Thomas Waring. 

This study group's schedule is generally on Sunday afternoons

If you would like to join, please find us on Facebook at MKdF HEMA Archery or contact us with the form down below.

If you do not know how to shoot, don't worry - we can teach you. 


All you need for this study group is closed toed shoes. If you choose to, you can
bring a fitted leather or similar glove for your bow hand. 

A cheap, traditional English longbow can be bought from Etsy user KPArchery.
It is recommended that you start with the lowest poundage. 

Study Group Leader

Jess Rozek

Contact Us for Archery