Rapier Study Group

The Maryland KDF rapier group studies the use of 16th and 17th century complex-hilted swords, primarily, in their role as civilian dueling weapons.
Currently, we instruct based on the 1606 text of Salvator Fabris Lo Schermo, Overo scienza d’Arme, though we also cover other northern Italian sources, including Ridolfo Capo Ferro and Francesco Alfieri, and, occasionally, branch out into earlier sidesword sources.

This study runs short introductory courses upon interest and can introduce new students to the basics on any night after regular longsword class.

This study group's schedule is Thursdaynights at our normal time and space. 

If you would like to join, you must have completed the Maryland KdF Beginner's Longsword Class
Once you have done that, please find us on Facebook at MKdF Rapier "Stabby McStabby" Study Group or contact us with the form down below.


 At minimum, participants should bring a fencing mask, light gloves, and a fencing jacket. If you have a rapier, please bring that as well. 
We do not have many extras. 

For a rapier of your own, reputable manufacturers are Darkwood, Castille, and Zen Warrior.

Study Group Leader

Isaiah Baden-Payne

Contact Us for Rapier